Alvar Aalto Museum Extension (2016)

The design of the Alvar Aalto Museum Connection is informed by fluidity, in reference to the stream that flows between the existing museums and also in response to the movement of visitors into and throughout the museum spaces. A constant thread of reference throughout Alvar Aalto’s career was the natural flowing lines of nature, often in juxtaposition with the geometry of modernist forms. Aalto’s interest in natural forms has been revisited with the help of flow simulation analysis.

The small stream running through the centre of the site has been conceptually harnessed to inform the sinuous ramps, steps and gradients that define a new landscape between the museum buildings and the proposed entrance that interconnects the exhibition spaces and bridges a public route below.

Location: Jyvskyla, Finland

Client: Alvar Aalto Foundation and City of Jyvskyla

Project Status: competition entry

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