Chelsea Gates (2016)

During the game of football there is one moment every supporter anticipates and celebrates; that exhilarating moment when the ball hits the back of the net. The net expands to absorb the energy of the ball, momentarily distorting the soft grid of the net, as the crowd goes wild!

The Celebration Gates for the Stamford Bridge entrance double the scale of a regulation goal mouth and capture the location where the ball has struck the net during the eleven most memorable goals of Chelsea FC history. At competition stage, eleven example goals were selected, however the final gates would map the most memorable goals selected by our Chelsea fans and supporters via an online poll.

The Celebration Gates is a large functional artwork that captures the energy and exhilaration of a goal scored and also recounts eleven key moments within Chelsea FC’s 111 year history.

Location: Stamford Bridge, London, UK

Client: Chelsea FC

Project Status: competition entry

Background image: provided by Chelsea FC as part of competition

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