Filum (2015)

The installation Filum connects the ground level of the Arup No. 8 atrium to the upper most level with hundreds of thin wires that bisect the atrium space as they span between handrails. The vast array of filaments combine to describe two soaring pyramids that intersect like an enormous hour glass; however instead of recording time, this site-specific installation responds to the environment and occupants of No. 8 Fitzroy Street.

Made of Electro-Luminescent wire, the upper half of the installation responds to the levels of natural daylight entering through the skylight, whilst the lower half will respond to the occupants as they arrive and depart at ground floor level. This combination of environmental and occupation input allows the installation to trace the ebb and flow of the building’s circadian rhythm.

Fillum was created as a collaboration between architect Germano Di Chello and artist David Rickard.

Location: London

Client: Arup

Project status: competition shortlist

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