Hive (2016)

Hive is a large screen that rises up the full height of the Arup No. 8 atrium, formed with hexagonal cells parametrically tuned to the movement of people within the building and structural forces within the proposed stair.

The form of Hive is generated by monitoring the use of the existing passenger lifts over a one month period, with the resulting data defining the depth of the three stair landings on each floor and the connecting flights of stairs gently expanding and contracting to meet each landing. Cladding the stair is an undulating timber screen formed of hollow hexagons, with the internal aperture of each cell tuned to the local structural loads.

Hive was created as a collaboration between architect Germano Di Chello and artist David Rickard.

Location: London, UK

Client: Arup

Project Status: competition shortlist

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