Rift (2016)

The installation ‘Rift’ engages with the concrete flood prevention walls near Flachau, Austria by bridging the gap between the two sides of a massive concrete structure with a delicate infill of ice and snow.

Following construction the ice connection will slowly begin to melt, with chunks falling away echoing scenes of arctic ice shelf recession. However, adjacent this natural erosion the concrete will remain steadfast forming an abrupt contrast between the immobile manmade structure and the constant ebb and flow of the natural elements that surround it. ‘Rift’ explores the ongoing struggle for equilibrium between manmade and natural systems by creating a momentary installation of ice and snow within an existing structure designed to resist the forces of nature.

Location: Flachau, Austria

Client: Minus 20 Degree Art and Architecture Winter Biennale

Project Status: competition shortlist

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