WWI Centenary Memorial. Nottingham (2018)

The WW1 Centenary Memorial forms a circular stone monument within Victoria Embankment Memorial Gardens. Set flush with the surrounding landscaping on all sides, the memorial’s stone surface gradually rises toward the centre until it steps up into a soaring spire that towers high above visitors.

The form of the memorial can be interpreted as a descending movement like a tear drop in water and also an ascending movement that rises up to overcome adversary. Measuring 15m in diameter the memorial is divided into a series of 100 concentric stone rings, like ripples of water, or the annual rings revealed within the trunk of an ancient tree. Etched into the stone surface in radiating ripples are the 14,000 names of those who lost their lives during the war.

Location: Nottingham, UK

Client: Nottingham City Council

Lighting Designer: Lighting Design Collective

Project Status: competition shortlist

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